2012 Sons and Mothers

Sons & Mothers is a love letter to mothers.  With heart and humour, six sons tell stories of their mums as they draw or dance or sing their lives, complete with stumbles and triumphs. These are love stories made all the more potent because of disabilities the men live with and their humble take on discriminations they've faced.

 Premiering at the 2012 Adelaide Fringe Festival, Sons & Mothers not only sold out during its 16-performance run, it also took out top Fringe awards including “Best Theatre Production” and “Best in Fringe”.

 Sons & Mothers is quality drama that comes from the heart.  Its truth and simplicity are disarming.  It will touch everyone who ever had a mother.

On Stage

The Men’s Ensemble: Duncan Luke, Kym Mackenzie, Ryan Rowland, Ricky Samai, Damien Turbin, Ben Wishart, Alirio Zavarce

Off Stage

Written by Alirio Zavarce devised in collaboration with The Men’s Ensemble or No Strings Attached

Directed by Alirio Zavarce                                                         

Set & Costume Design by Kathryn Sproul

Lighting Design by David Gadsden                  


This eloquent and tender engagement, at times very funny and always sincere, is another triumph for No Strings Attached...

5 stars. The Advertiser