... touched in the head ... touched in the heart ...

A final development and re-staging of Touched, after work-in-progress performances sold-out at the inaugural High Beam Festival in 1998.

On Stage

Paul Bennier, Cloe Baker, Abner Bradley, Kirsty Bridle, David Buzzacott, Judy Byrne, Stephen Gadlabardi Goldsmith, Sam Hughes, Stable Steve Johnston, Jan Kanda, Duncan Luke, Patrick Lynch, Kym MacKenzie, Leigh Malthouse, Jane Muras, Keith Powell, David Roach, Andrew Sands, Barbro Spry, Ken Stringer, Karl Telfer

Off Stage

  • Devised by: the company
  • Writer/Director: PJ Rose
  • Assistant Director: Lisa Hughes
  • Composer/Musical Director: Pat Rix
  • Lyricists: Abner Bradley, Andrew Leach, Jane Muras, Pat Rix, PJ Rose
  • Didgeridoo & Percussion: Karl Telfer
  • Sound Designer/Lighting Designer: Marie Docking
  • Set Designer/Costumer Designer: Cassandra Blackler
  • Executive Producer: PJ Rose


Ten promenade performances through three galleries of Tandanya, National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, (3-13 March 1999)


  • The Aboriginal Dreamtime legend of Tiddalik, a greedy frog who drains all the waterholes, is juxtaposed with a subplot about corporate vandalism of the environment. Traditional storyteller Stephen Gadlabardi Goldsmith keeps everything flowing as the plot unfolds and wheelchairs become tractors, actors become trees and the ensemble must somehow resolve the drama.
    Jackie Tracy, Sunday Mail
  • The construction site is a masterful little number ... With two wheel chaired actors in hard hats holding a long chain between them, they slowly move forward and mow down the ensemble as trees. The dual symbology is rather chilling ... Pat Rix's sound scape is first class.
    David O'Brien, dB Magazine