In Your Wildest Dreams

A lusty comedy about sexuality and disability.

On Stage

Sal Boundy, Abner Bradley, Lisa Hughes, Stable Steve Johnston, Kym MacKenzie, Susie Skinner, Melissa Smith. Contributing Performers: Leigh Malthouse, Ben Wishart

Off Stage

  • Written & devised with the company
  • Directed by Lisa Hughes, Jo Zealand
  • Original Music Contributors: Bindi Blacher, Abner Bradley, Lisa Hughes, Stephen Sheehan, Susie Skinner, Sam Willoughby, Jo Zealand
  • Musicians: Sam Willoughby, Jo Zealand
  • Lighting Designer: Adam Claridge
  • Set Designer: Adam Claridge, Lisa Hughes, Jo Zealand


  • Feast Festival (November 2003)
  • Regional Remand Centres in South Australia (July 2001)
  • KickstART Festival, Vancouver, Canada (August 2001)
  • Awakenings Festival, Horsham, VIC (October 2001)
  • High Beam Festival (May 2000)
  • Feast Festival (November 2000)


  • ... an amazing and inspiring piece of work.
    dB Magazine
  • No Strings Attached has managed to harness the power and freedom of dreams as the basis of one of the strongest shows of the year.
    dB Magazine
  • ... we are all disabled by fear ...
    Colonial Times, Canada
  • ... an impressive imaginative troupe
    The Advertiser
  • ... Dreams is a significant work that empowers and strengthens the voice of people with a disability to be heard and understood in their own terms.
    dB Magazine