2005 2Connect

2connect is the umbrella title for a set of five theatre duets created by five No Strings Attached performers paired with five professional partner/mentors. Each pair was to create a short play on the theme of 'connection'.

2connect was an experiment in skills development and script development, and the experiment proved so successful that we staged it in two consecutive years. For the 2006 Adelaide Fringe Festival, the venue was Higher Ground, located in a former Imax cinema. Each short play was staged in a different area of the cinema, including the no-longer-used projection booth.

This promenade staging was exciting for performers and audience members alike, and won 2connect a Fringe Critic's Award nomination for Innovation and Excellence.

Off Stage

  • 2005 season
  • The Parks Theatre One, Regency Park, SA - 10 performances (13-23 April 2005)
  • Devised by: the performers
  • Set Designer: Stephanie Fisher
  • Lighting Designer: Simon Krieg
  • Sound Designers: Rob Eyers, Eric Kuhlman
  • Filmmakers: Julian Crotti, Nathan Little
  • Musicians: Rob Eyers, Eric Kuhlman
  • Executive Producer: PJ Rose

2006 season

  • Adelaide Fringe Festival, Higher Ground, Adelaide SA, 12 performances, 25 February-12 March 2006
  • Devised by: the performers
  • Set Designer: Anna Hughes
  • Lighting Designer: Simon Krieg
  • Sound Designer: Max Duncan
  • Filmmakers: Julian Crotti, Nathan Little
  • Musician: Dylan Woolcock
  • Kuroko: Clare Guerin, Lee Guerin, Keiko Sugai
  • Executive Producer: PJ Rose


  • With video art that both illuminates and accentuates each different play, 2connect manages to bridge the void between able and disabled.
    Teri Kelly, Adelaide Theatre Guide
  • ... outstanding thought provoking performances.
    David O'Brien, Southern Times Messenger