2009 Tom the Lonliest

A dark comedy, Tom the loneliest confronts isolation, depression, medication, psychosis, domestic violence, addiction and the disempowerment of modern masculinity with disturbing irreverence that is a constant in the world of the Toms.

On Stage

Julian Crotti, Duncan Luke

Off Stage

  • Writers: Julian Crotti & Duncan Luke (dialogue), Paulo Castro (monologues)
  • Director: Paulo Castro
  • Set Designer: Bryan Tingey
  • Lighting Designer: Kerry Ireland
  • Production and Tour Manager: Michael 'Lenny' Ceniuch
  • Graphics: Shadia
  • Auslan Interpreters: Pip Cody, Daniel Hately, Paul Heuston, Imram Webb
  • Executive Producer: PJ Rose
  • Original Concept: Julian Crotti


  • The Bakehouse, Adelaide, SA (3-13 June 2009)
  • LaMama's Carlton Courthouse, Melbourne, VIC (16-27 June 2009)


  • There's a car crash quality about this show that makes it watchable - enter at your own risk!
    Matt Byrne, Sunday Mail
  • ... a wonderful pulse of mordant humour beats through Tom the loneliest ...
    John Wells, Adelaide Theatre Guide
  • Tom the loneliest is a gem on many levels ... Several times the opening night audience reacted with appreciative gasps; a high tribute indeed.
    Myk Mykyta, Radio Adelaide
  • This is a terrific piece of theatre, with brave performances, that deserves wider audiences.
    Barry Lenny, GLAM Adelaide Arts Reviews
  • You leave the theatre feeling you have had a fresh experience.
    Samela Harris, The Advertiser
  • Animated by poignancy and absurd humour in equal measure, Tom the loneliest is a two-hander that careens into some morbid corners of the male psyche.... What strikes you the most ... is the striking illumination of male vulnerability -- something we're socially conditioned to ignore.
    Cameron Woodhead, The Age
  • ... a piece of theatre with startling power.... There are plenty of bigger shows I could be writing about, but none as memorable as this little wonder.
    John Bailey, The Sunday Age