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We are delighted to announce the next No Strings Intensive Week program

Intensive Week classes run over 10 sessions in one week during the School Holiday workshop break

Only 12 places available for this specialist training.

Specialist training in Commedia dell’Arte - developed in Italy

in the 16th Century and spanning all types of theatre performance

Dr Corinna Di Niro is Australia’s leading expert in the genre. Corinna trained in Italy

and holds a PhD in Commedia for a Contemporary Australian Context.

What is Commedia?

Commedia can be used to explore a range of performance skills such as: 

• characters & postures

• body awarenessCorinna Di Niro Portrait 1

• presence

• voice & language

• gestures

• movement & dance

• slapstick

• comic timing

• audience interaction

• improvising & devising


Commedia dell’Arte is a powerful theatre genre that gave rise to many forms we love today such as Slapstick Comedy, Melodrama, Musical Theatre, Opera and even Ballet! So much of what we see on the stage and screen has its roots in Commedia! Learning elements of Commedia has been known to have profound effects on the self including increased confidence, social skills, trust and much more. 

This course is comprehensive aiming to teach participants a variety of skills and attributes relating to Commedia and Comic Acting. Over the week, participants will create timeless comic characters while exploring ways to expand their body and vocal skills. Participants will learn the art of improvisation, which helps increase communication and language skills, and will develop skills in how to work as an ensemble, which assists with team building and trust. Best of all, participants will have a lot of fun while learning this fantastic theatre genre!

This course is aimed for people wishing to build confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness; enhance conceptualisation and problem-solving skills; learn experimentation and observation skills; develop the ability to reflect, revise and self-edit; and enhance communication skills through performance practice.  


Intensive Week classes will run over 10 sessions, all delivered in one week. 

Limited places available.

Program tailored to suit individual capacity of people living with disability.

Second Week of October School Holidays


Date: Monday 10 October – Friday 14 October 2022

Time: 10am – 3pm

Questions & RSVP to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 8363 5970

Enrolments close: 5pm Monday 19 September 2022.