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Is 2020 a year to remember, or forget? No Strings performers explore their experience of the COVID shutdown including the transition to online workshops, social distancing, isolation and breaking “out of the box” in Ignition Point 21 at the Woodville Town Hall. 

Brought to life with a series of vignettes Ignition Point 21 showcases the real lived experiences of people with disability throughout the 2020 global pandemic. 

This unique collaborative creative process featuring all No Strings performers will have you laughing and singing along but most importantly you’ll leave with a full heart and a better understanding of what it’s like to live with disability. 

About No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability: 

Everything at No Strings starts in a workshop 

- the Ignition Point – 

where theatre experimentation and (dis)ability meet. 

No Strings works exclusively with performers living with disability. Our people are the stars, not just the support act. Our performances deeply move audiences to the point where disability disappears. We break the "fifth" wall - tackling barriers associated with disability. We entertain while we empower, and we celebrate ability while being committed to excellence and innovation. By letting ability shine through, we're challenging expectations and educating societies to achieve true inclusion. Our theatre showcases the power of diversity and acceptance where (dis)ability doesn't define. No Strings is about breaking barriers, raising our voices and showing the world what people with disability are capable of achieving. 

No Strings - the theatre redefining (dis)ability. 

Woodville Town Hall 

74 – 76 Woodville Road, Woodville South 

Thursday 25th Feb 6pm 

Friday 26 Feb 11am & 6pm