The Angel Project

A co-production of No Strings Attached and Stone/Castro in collaboration with the AFC's inSPACE Development Program.

ANGELS: An imaginative nurse transforms a church into a psychiatric hospital. He invents meditative methods to calm the patients and control them. He introduces an angel as therapy. The patients confess their personal desires and dreams to the Angel. In the end, they think they are angels too, and believe they have the power to abandon the institution and act like gods for a better future.  

Four of the men from the NSA Men’s Ensemble leapt at the opportunity to work with Paulo Castro in a project which is still evolving and subsequently had funding for creative development. Duncan Luke, Kym Mackenzie, Ryan Rowland and Damien Turbin initially spent three weeks collaborating with Paulo and worked on it again in 2015. Emerging disabled playwright Jonathan Allen assisted early with the director.